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In todayís marketplace, the most successful businesses are those able to establish and maintain an advantage over competitors. Increasingly, there is one resource to which business is turning for this advantage: Their Human Resource.

People are the essential ingredients of success.

Personatests team has developed the online personality profiling tool to identify the most suitable person for the most suitable position.

Personatests online profiling can also be used to coach individuals.


We are a privately owned Australian company, registered as Career4you International Pty Ltd, ACN 098 923 525, trading as

We operate Australia-wide and have a presence in Sydney, Brisbane and Hobart. Our head office is located in Brisbane, Australia.

Click here to contact us or call 1800 11 11 30 within Australia.


Our Managing Director, Laurent Gasser

After starting an auditing career in New York and Paris, Laurent Gasser spent 2 years in Africa (Benin) on a consulting assignment. In 1991, Laurent embarked on his Business development career by creating at the age of 26 the first Eastern European office of French auditing & consulting firms in Budapest. Laurent developed and managed the Eastern and Central European network of Mazars & Guerard to the level of 4 offices and 110 people in 1996.

Following his experience in emerging markets, Laurent joined RSM International (RSMi), the seventh largest professional service accounting and consulting organization in the world, to develop and manage RSMi China business and create a network of Chinese member firms. Sharing his life between Beijing and Shanghai, Laurent was also at 35 the youngest elected Chairman of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, and has succeeded in a global reengineering of the French Chamber, opening 2 new offices in Shanghai & Guangzhou, and dramatically increasing membership and revenues. During his 3 years in China, Laurent acquired an in depth knowledge of the Chinese market and regulations, advising foreign companies in various business fields. He has also driven the launch of the first Sino-European accounting Joint Venture, Salustro ZhongRui.

Laurent spend 2001 in France as Change management consultant and Director of 2 companies.

Since 2002, Laurent lives in Brisbane Australia and has been successfully developing the business of

Laurent is married with 2 children. He has been trained as a French CPA.

Our Chairman and Product Development Manager, Steen Selsoe Petersen

Steen Selsoe Petersen is a developer of Psychometrics testing and a member of the United States Psychometric Society.

Steenís working life commenced at the age of 18 with a career in sales. During this time he realised that from simply observing patterns of human behaviour he was able to define a personís reaction to a given situation.

At the age of 23 Steen applied this simple yet effective realisation in turning around the profitability of a leading Danish Chrysler dealership. The successful application of his management skills led to the meteoric rise of the companyís sales status from number 7 to the countryís No 1 dealership within a 9 month period. This success brought Steen to the attention of the corporate world; subsequently leading to numerous attractive management offers from several significant companies, such as Millikan, FedEx, JUNO etc.

Utilising his skills of observation and applying the knowledge gained allowed Steen to become an extremely sought after executive. He went on to become well known as an effective trouble-shooter working with companies in crisis to attain major positive turnarounds.

Over a period of 15 years Steen developed with a group of psychologists headed by Dr. Maddocks the concept of Psychometrics testing tools designed especially for Australian business. Many local and international companies have now successfully used this tool to assist in staff selection, recruitment and training.

Steen is more than just an analyst. His sympathetic understanding of human nature has led him to state, "There are no wrong people - just incorrect roles".

Psychometrics is rapidly becoming a recognised methodology for many Australian firms because of its scalability and ease of implementation.

Steen's philosophy of Psychometrics testing is summarised with his statement "this tool seeks to remove the faÁade and to discover the true essence of the individual".

Misplaced personnel not only impact on the day to day running of an organization but also on the organizationís long term ability to grow.

Steen has been instrumental in developing Psychometrics as a powerful tool for human resource managers to accurately define job and personnel matching.

Psychometrics testing can be used to determine a personís suitability for a position within an organization and to expose the individualís natural propensity towards a position appropriate for their true personality and capabilities.

Psychometrics assessment may not only lead to defining the suitable role of a person within an organization, but also to the selection of the correct training techniques to be used to attain a personís full potential.

Today Steen is promoting Psychometric analysis internationally, as Chairman of Personatests and Career4You international Pty Ltd.

Steen is married with one daughter and divides his time between Tasmania and overseas as an acclaimed public speaker on business management procedures.

Steen's use of "plain English" and real life day-to-day examples of Psychometrics in action make him an enjoyable presenter for both recruitment and associated human resource managers.

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