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What can I use Personatests for?
Can it also be used by SMEís?
What is Personatests?
What is the real value?
How does it work?
Can I keep the results and access them whenever I want?
Can I see a demo?
What does it cost?
Do I get free use of the interactive database?
Can I get a free trial?

What can I use Personatests for?

Use Personatests as

  • a screening and selection tool for recruitment
  • an HR management tool for internal promotion and career development

As a screening and selection tool:

  • Helps you to pick the best candidates in a pool of resumes.
  • Can be used on all candidates as first screening tool
  • Or used after pre-screening of resumes to confirm the list of candidates to be interviewed
  • Improves the efficiency of the interview process

As an HR management tool:

  • Create all your job profiles on Personatests
  • Assess all your employees
  • Find the best in-house candidate for a vacant job
  • Plan the career of your employees
  • Find valuable information for your annual employee performance review
  • Ask our help for team building and group conflict assessments

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Can it also be used by SMEís?

Yes, it has been designed and priced to be used by every type of employer, from large corporations to small businesses.

You donít need to be an HR manager or psychologist to get real value out of Personatests. Our free over the phone assistance maximises your usage of the software.

We aim at giving every SME the possibility of accessing human resources tools previously only available to large corporations.

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What is Personatests?

Personatests unveils a personís typical behaviour in various work situations. It helps you to discover the "why and how" of a personís actions.

Personatests is an Online Behavioural Profiling Tool.

Personatests not only profiles persons but also offers a unique Job profiler which helps you to define the behavioural profile best suited for each job.

Use Personatests to find the Right Jobseeker for the Right Job

Quality product:

  • Developed in Australia
  • Tested / validated on 11,000 persons
  • Accuracy rate over 87%
Easy to use:
  • One questionnaire for all types of jobs
  • Results matched to tailored job profiles
  • Best quality / price ratio on the market
  • Free over-the-phone assistance
Unique features:
  • Tailored job profiles => every job profile is unique
  • Your own online database of jobs and candidates
  • Free interactive use of your database to match candidates and jobs
Want to know more about Personatests development or Psychometric testing in general, have a look at Psychometric test information.

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What is the real value?

Using Personatests will:

  • Improve your hiring success rate by
    • Employing people with the right attitude and personality for the job.
    • Quicker selection procedure: spot valuable candidates before they commit elsewhere
  • Help you build your corporation through
    • A good understanding of what motivates your employees
    • Improving your team performances
  • Improve your bottom line through
    • Avoiding costly hiring mistakes
    • Reducing talent loss
  • Add value to your corporate image vis ŗ vis jobseekers

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How does it work?

  • Tailor your job profiles (10 minutes/profile), or use standard job profiles
  • To recruit a new employee:
    • Send an email to the selected Jobseekers
    • Jobseekers complete the online assessment (20 minutes each)
    • Jobseekers receive their "Candidate feedback" by email (your choice)
  • Or Assess your existing employees
  • Use your interactive database the see the Jobseekerís or Employee profiles, find the best suited candidates for a Job, or the best suited jobs for a candidate

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Can I keep the results and access them whenever I want?

  • Yes you can keep all your results on your own database located on our server
  • You can access it 24/7 from any computer connected to Internet, also from your clients' offices or your home
  • You can also match Jobseekers with any new Job profiles for free

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Can I see a demo?

Click here to access our demonstration database

You can discover by yourself using the help buttons, or call us 1800 11 11 30 for a guided tour. Call +61 7 3360 0887 if you are outside Australia.

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What does it cost?

  • Prices start at less then AUD $1 per unit (Jobseeker assessment or Tailored Job profile), maximum of AUD $110 when purchasing one unit only.
  • Members of our affiliated associations get up to 70% discount, with a maximum unit price of AUD $32 per Jobseeker.
  • You can prepay online PAYG, open an account to be invoiced monthly or choose a monthly licence
  • Call us 1800 11 11 30 for a quote or contact us by email.

Affiliated associations:

Timber Merchants Association Association of Consulting Engineers Australia
Mortgage Industry Association of Australia National Home & Building Supplies Association
Business Technology Association Ltd Australia

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Do I get free use of the interactive database?

  • Yes, you can use it 24/7
  • You pay only when creating new job profiles or assessing jobseekers

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How do I start using Personatests?

Click here to see our intro pack offer and register online.

We will call you and walk you through the steps free of charge.

It is very easy and friendly to use.

Or call us 1800 11 11 30 for more info.

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